Forwarded International SIMs – Voice & SMS


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Get an International SIM forwarded to your mobile in India. Get a foreign mobile number and have incoming voice & SMS from 15 countries. Make it easy and cheap for your customers, vendors, interviewers, friends or family to call you. Avoid roaming charges!

  • SIMs of 15 countries forwarded to your Indian mobile
  • Incoming Voice is delivered to your phone
  • Incoming SMS is delivered to your emailID
  • Let Customers, Vendors, Friends & Family call you .
  • Can be used for Foreign WhatsApp Number
  • Real Mobile Numbers provided
  • No roaming charges apply
  • No physical SIM is sent to you
  • We need a copy of your ID and address proof
  • Prices are per month and vary by country
Enter the phone number to receive calls. This can be changed later.

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Service Detail

Service provides you with a forwarded mobile number. Calls made to that number are received on your Indian phone. SMS sent to that number are received on your email address. There is no need for an App to receive calls or SMS.

Intended Use

Service lets you establish a presence in covered countries for business or personal use. You are provided a mobile number in the country you choose. Use it to make it easy and cheap for your customers, vendors, interviewers, friends or family to call you.

Since SMS is also forwarded to your emailID, you can use the number to setup WhatsApp for business or personal use.

Calling & SMS from within the chosen country.

Callers from within the country call/SMS you as if they are dialling a local mobile number. E.g. If you choose a UK forwarded SIM, you will get a number like +44 7xxxxxxxxxx and callers from within UK will dial 07xxxxxxxxx to reach you.

Calling & SMS from outside the chosen country

This service is intended primarily for callers within the chosen country. Reachability of these numbers when dialling/texting from outside the country cannot be guaranteed. We advise that for callers outside the chosen country you provide them your Indian mobile number.

Changing the Indian number

You can change the number calls are forwarded to using your online console. This can be changed as often as needed. While the service is intended to be forwarded to a mobile number, you can also provide an Indian landline number or PBX to forward the calls too. Deliverability of calls is generally lower when forwarded to a landline.

Documents required

We require your passport and recent utility bill as address proof before activation of the number. If subscribing by a company, certificate of incorporation can be used. Some countries have additional documentation requirements  seen under the drop down after choosing the country. In some cases after submitting the initial documents you may be asked to provide additional documentation.

Activation process

Activation of your forwarded SIM is generally done 2 working days after your documentation is accepted by the operators in the chosen country. You will receive your number by email after activation. No activation on Sundays.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why cant I have SMS forwarded to my phone as an SMS?

Due to recent regulations passed by TRAI, delivering freeform SMS to Indian phones has become difficult. If regulations change we will be happy to deliver by SMS too.

Will I see the CallerID of the calling party?

Yes, in most cases you should. In some cases you may see the operator code of the telecom company delivering the call to you.

Can I choose the number I get?

Unfortunately not. You will be allocated a random mobile number after activation.

Can I have multiple SIMs forwarded to a single Indian phone?

Yes! You can forward as many SIMs as you need to your Indian phone. Each SIM must be individually subscribed to.

Can I make outgoing calls/SMS using the forwarded SIMs?

No, since the forwarded SIM is not physically present on your phone. However we do have an experimental App based service that lets you make calls using your forwarded SIM at an additional cost. Our helpdesk can give you details of this experimental service if you need.

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. Answered by the admin Yes! You should be able to register WhatsApp on this USA number. WhatsApp requires the ability to receive phone calls and SMS to the phone number you are trying to register.
  2. Answered by the admin Irrespective of the locations, forwarding of calls received on an Indian number to any USA number involves ISD calling facility & respective charges. You may contact our Customer Support for low cost options to call your son from India on his USA number.
  3. Answered by the admin You will not receive a physical SIM card; although you will be provided a real mobile number of Vietnam starting with +84-8. Voice Calls made to this number are received on your Indian phone and SMS sent to this number are received on your email address.

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