Unlimited USA SIM Card


Buy a pre-activated TSIM USA SIM Card in India for less than it costs in USA! Avoid shopping around in USA for the best plan and know your number before travel!
  • Unlimited Incoming, Outgoing – Local and India!
  • Unlimited Data with Hotspot sharing!
  • High coverage cards available for remote areas & national parks
  • Optional Roaming Plans for Canada & Mexico
  • Know your number before travel.
  • Much cheaper than SIM cards purchased in USA!
  • Prepaid SIM Cards for trips of upto 4 months

Comparison of USA SIM Cards

To help you choose your USA SIM card, we have tabulated differences between Standard and High Coverage SIM Cards.

Standard SIMHigh Coverage Sim
Network 1T MobileAT&T
CoverageVery GoodExcellent
Data SpeedExcellentVery Good
Local MinutesUnlimitedUnlimited
Coverage in Canada / MexicoNoYes 2
India CallingUnlimitedUnlimited – 2 Stage 3
Tenure 41, 2, 3 & 4 months availableOnly 1 month
Additional FeaturesCall 75+ countries5G Network
RecommendationEconomical plansBest for Remote Areas


  1. The SIM card could either be direct from these operators, or from operators that use these networks. The helpdesk can tell you which.
  2. Data Speed may be lower in Canada & Mexico
  3. High coverage cards use 2 stage dialing for India where you dial a local number first then the India number.
  4. You can extend beyond this tenure directly from the operator’s website.

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