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Italy SIM Cards For Travelers To Italy

Buying an Italy SIM card is relatively easy for travelers to Italy, and there are packs available that include some free calls to India. After the pack however, you may end up paying high rates to call India. Also, these SIM cards are not useful if you intend to travel to multiple countries

Availability of Italy SIM card
SIM Cards at Fiumicino
SIM Cards at Fiumicino

Italian sim cards are available at Fiumicino Airport, Rome, Italy. It has a Vodafone shop, at Area B, T1 Departures Mezzanine Floor and TIM shop at T1 – Boarding Area B. At branded shops you will pay the original price. You can get them in the shops of the providers where they will be registered as well. Top-ups can be bought at many more places like tobacconists(blue-‘n-white / black-‘n-white “T” signs), supermarkets, newsagents and even bars or coffeeshops

Documents required for registration

Purchasing a SIM in Italy requires presentation of proper identification, such as a valid passport or European ID card. SIM registration is required by the Italian government prior to service activation.

Brands available and general information
There are four major GSM network operators in Italy VodafoneWind, 3(Tre)and Tim , as well as several network resellers which are listed in the table
TIM network.
Best packages for travelers from India:
Name of product
Italy Tourist Pass
Vodafone Holiday
TIM for Visitors
20 €
30 €
30 €
Outgoing – Local & India
100 REAL minutes
No connection charge  Charged by the second
300 minutes
0c Connection fee
Charged by 60 seconds
100 minutes
No connection fees
Charged by 60 seconds
SMS – Local
15c per SMS
300 SMS for Italy and India
15 cents per SMS
SMS – International
 Not included in the plan
Not included in the plan
2 GB
1 month
1 month
1 month
Extra threshold
(if you exceed the allowance)
Local call:  29 cents/min
         no connection charge
Local SMS: 15 cents/SMS.
India Mob/landline:  2
cents / minute +16 cent connection charge
Data: Continue to navigate at a reduced speed or reactivate the option
Renewal possible
Local Calls: 1 cent per minute
India Mob/landline:  1 cent per minute
Connection fee19 cents
SMS –India: 75 cent
Local SMS: 15 cents/SMS
buy an extra GB
Renewal possible.
Local calls:29 cents per min,  no connection fees.
SMS:15 €/cents.
Data: Continue to navigate at a reduced speed maximum of 32 Kbps
No upsize or renewal possible.
Euro €
Euro €
Euro €
Other notable features/information
Please top up 20€ to the SIM card to get above packs.
Please top up 30€ to the SIM card to get above packs.
Please top up 30€ to the SIM card to get above packs.
Link to product
Sim from India for multiple European countries

If you need a sim that works in multiple countries, or if you would rather buy the SIM before travel so that you do not have to go hunting, or would like to know your number before you travel, then we have a sim for you!