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Refer your customers, blog readers, email subscription list to TSIM by sending them a link from your account page. You get a commission if your referred party makes a purchase. This commission is paid out to you when it totals Rs1,000 at the beginning of any month.
  • Register below as an affiliate. If you already have a customer account with TSIM, sign in to that account before registering. The username will have been filled in the form if you sign in to your existing account.
  • After registering, click on to see your affiliate area.
  • You can create a customised link for TSIM’s website as well as for any page within.
  • Send these links by email to your contacts, customers or readers, leave it on your website or write a blog with these links in it.
  • You can also ask your affiliate manager to register your website or blog with us. In that case there is no need to customise links to TSIM pages. Any link to TSIM from your website or blog will automatically be tracked by the affiliate system. This works only for links to TSIM on your registered website or blog. For other websites or to send links via email or SMS you must use customised links.
  • You will receive a commission if someone clicks on your link and then makes a purchase within a year
  • Commission accumulates without expiring, and is paid out at the beginning of any month by which it exceeds Rs1,000, or every quarter, whichever is earlier.
  • This program is perfect for International Travel Agents, Forex Companies, International Travel Insurance companies, International Travel Bloggers and content providers.
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