About Us

We at TSIM Communication Services Pvt. Ltd. are committed to bringing you the best possible telecommunication services for your International travel. Avoid roaming costs, use TSIM’s International SIM Cards with FREE India calling while traveling abroad. Get Voice, SMS and Data in a simple prepaid package.

Use TSIM’s country specific SIM cards if you are traveling to a single country. These have the lowest call rates and local numbers so locals can call you easily. Incoming is free in most countries, and most SIMs have unlimited calls to India.

Use multi country sim cards for travel to multiple countries. Choose between unlimited use for a single trip or unlimited validity to retain your number for multiple trips. Worldwide and regional bundles are available.

Since its inception in 2012, TSIM has been in the forefront of technological changes in the Telecom industry. We have brought to the Indian market innovations such us multi IMSI SIM cards and WEBRTC. These technologies bring a new level of sophistication to your travel telecommunication services.

TSIM is founded by telecom professionals with more than a 100 years of experience between them.