Refund Policy

De-risk your transactions

TSIM is committed to a risk free transaction for its customers. Accordingly the following refund policy is applicable to our services.
  • Balance advance rent refundable till 12 months after payment
  • Advances towards calls made are refundable till 12 months after payment
  • Charges towards calls made are not refundable
  • Activation type of SIM cards are refundable till they are activated
  • Should you not be able to use the service due to service deficiencies, you are entitled to a full refund

Refund Policy for Lifetime Validity Cards

The following applies specifically for cards marked Lifetime Validity

You are eligible for a refund on unused talktime/data with usage rounded to the next slab. I.e. If you use 2.8GB after subscribing to a 6GB SIM card, your usage will be taken to be 4GB, and you will get refund on the difference between the price of a 4GB and 6GB card. This refund is available for 12 months after payment.