2 Stage Dialing System

Some of our SIM cards allow you to call India and other destinations using a 2 stage dialing process. SIM cards that have this feature are marked as 2 stage dial in the product page. This complements the calling available via the SIM card.

For 2 stage dialing you need to dial an access number & when prompted dial the India number / destination number in full international format. The access numbers available currently are listed below.

There is no charge to use 2 stage dialing, however your local minutes get used to make these calls. Therefore 2 stage dialing is most useful when your SIM card has unlimited or much cheaper local calling. SIM cards where 2 stage dialing is useful have a sticker with details on how to use it.

Access numbers

Access Number Country of Number Suitable for SIM Card
+442036426872UKEU Economy Europe Unlimited Cards, Economy World Unlimited Cards
+13476701779USHigh Coverage USA Cards, Daily Pack USA/Canada/Mexico Cards
+6620268169ThailandThailand SIM Card

Table of minutes available for popular destinations

DestinationMinutes available to call Destination
Thailand, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Taiwan, USA, Canada2000
UK & Most of Europe600
UAE & Most of Gulf, Sri Lanka, Philippines200


  1. The minutes available depend on the number called, not the country you are located in
  2. You must use the appropriate access number from list above