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Japan SIM Card For Travelers To Japan

It is impossible to get a Voice enabled Japan SIM card without a permanent address once you reach Japan, but data only SIM cards are available for travelers to Japan
Getting a Japanese SIM card
The process getting a Japan SIM card is quite painful, anyone who intends to buy a voice-call-capable SIM card (prepaid or postpaid) needs to show a proper identification which indicates that he/she has a residential (permanent) address in Japan. A hotel address is not sufficient for this purpose. However, this law does not apply to data services and data-only SIM cards.
SIM at airport

Data Only SIM cards are available at Narita International Airport, where you can get a  SIM card through vending machines .The airport will have two such machines, for Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, with only credit cards accepted for added ease. users will need to register their information in order to activate the service. However, it can be done by scanning their passport information at the vending machine.