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South Africa SIM Cards For Indian Tourists

South Africa SIM cards for Indian Tourists

South Africa is a vast country and fortunately staying connected back in India with a local SIM is easy and inexpensive. Internet connectivity and network coverage are good in the main cities, but can take a hit as you move towards the remote areas. South Africa has some good prepaid plans (most of them are pay as you) to reduce your bills.

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Best Indonesia Prepaid SIM for Indian Tourists

Bali Indonesia SIM card in India

If there’s one particular place in Indonesia that gets all the attention from Indian travelers and honeymooners, then that’s Bali — an Indonesian island known for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs.

Indonesia has good Wi-Fi connectivity. So, if your plans don’t extend much further than hopping from bars to restaurants to your hotel, then you might not need a SIM card. However, if you want to stay connected everywhere, buy a local SIM card to avoid expensive roaming bills.

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Best Russia Tourist SIM cards for Indian Travelers

Russian SIM card for Indian Travelers

If you’re planning to make a short trip to Moscow or St. Petersburg, likely, you don’t need SIM card because hotels usually have Wi-Fi and so do cafes, restaurants, and public areas. Using the Wi-Fi, you can make WhatsApp calls, and text at the same time. But if you’re planning an extended stay in Russia or you’re on the Trans-Siberian trip, then it’s worth purchasing a Russian tourist SIM card. Using your home phone network gets expensive. A local tourist SIM will help you cut down your phone bill expenses.

There are several Russian tourist SIM cards which offer a great deal of data. Calls to India, however, are costly. This post explains the best Russian tourist SIMs for Indian travellers and the options available.

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The Best Turkey SIM Card for Indian Travelers

Turkey SIM card

Turkey isn’t an expensive place to travel in. However, that doesn’t stand true for staying connected with your loved ones back in India. Switching over to a local SIM is equally expensive. Turkey doesn’t have many options and therefore buying a SIM card in Turkey isn’t cheap.

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Canada SIM Cards for Indian Tourists


If you’re traveling to Canada for a short trip, contacting family and friends can be expensive. Switching over to a local SIM can keep your costs down. Canada has got some really great voice, SMS and data plans to offer with their Canada tourist SIM cards. All these plans are “pay as you go” plans, and require an add-on for India calling.

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How TSIM Global SIM Card Made My World Travel Lot Easier.

TSIM Global SIM card

Before I came to know of TSIM Global sim card, I used to buy local sim cards in each country I would visit. After clearing immigration I would have to queue up at a sim card shop, give my passport, quickly scan available packages and make a decision which one to buy, hand over my phone to staff to place the sim card and of course, pay.

I thought buying a local sim card is cheaper and better way than activating international roaming. But this process had several drawbacks

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New Zealand SIM Card For Indian Tourists

New Zealand SIM card in India

With limited data allowances and expensive call rates, staying connected in New Zealand and back in India can be really costly. If you’re going to New Zealand for up to two months buying tourist SIM cards in New Zealand is the most affordable option to stay connected with your friends and family back in India.

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German Prepaid SIM Cards For Travelers

Buying a prepaid German SIM card in Germany is often difficult for tourists due to insistence on local address by some vendors, and language barriers.

Documents required for buying a prepaid German SIM card

For pre-paid SIM cards, the retailer has to see and put on record official ID, i.e. the passport or national ID card. Unfortunately, many stores require you to have a local address. Foreign addresses are often not accepted. If you do not have a German address, try to use your name with c/o name and address of someone else, e.g. the hotel you’ll stay. This may not be accepted always.


Prepaid German SIM cards are available at airports like at Frankfurt Airport e.g O2 Shop is located at T1, Area B, Level 1. The most convenient way to purchase a SIM card for a visitor is to go to one of the big supermarket, drugstore, service station or electronic market chains. Buy top-up vouchers called Ladebons in many stores with a PIN to enter. Go to one of the three drugstore chains (Rossmann, Müller, dm) or to cash and carry markets like “real” to top up most brands. You can use MNOs vouchers for MVNOs e.g.Vodafone vouchers for Otelo, Fyve, Edeka and LIDL Connect.

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Sri Lanka SIM Cards For Travelers To Sri Lanka

Buying a Sri Lanka SIM card in Sri Lanka is easy and rates to call India are low.


When purchasing Prepaid Sri Lanka SIM Cards, registration is a prerequisite by the regulator.
You may need to prove your identity by showing a passport. A digital photograph of you is taken at some stores. If you do not wish to be photographed, please produce a recent passport-size photograph conforming to passport specifications.

Sri Lanka Mobitel
Sri Lanka Mobitel

General Availability

When you arrive in the Sri Lanka at Bandaranaike International Airport near Colombo, you can see counters of mobile companies at the Arrivals Lounge  such as Dialog, Mobitel, Etisalat ,Hutch and Airtel. A map of airport lobby can be seen by this link for ease. In the city, Mobile outlets or authorized partner retail outlet  located island wide. You can top-up cards and electronic top-up at any retail outlet on the street or via International top-up partners using your international Credit/ Debit card via PayPal on Ezetop.