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The Best Turkey SIM Card for Indian Travelers

Turkey SIM card

Turkey isn’t an expensive place to travel in. However, that doesn’t stand true for staying connected with your loved ones back in India. Switching over to a local SIM is equally expensive. Turkey doesn’t have many options and therefore buying a SIM card in Turkey isn’t cheap.

Documents required for SIM registration

Buying a local SIM in Turkey requires you to produce your passport and visa. A registration form has to be filled. Your phone’s IMEI is also taken for their records. The registration process usually takes a few minutes.


Buying a SIM card in Turkey is easy and you get everything sorted at the airport. You don’t need to spend time hunting all around the city for a shop. All the major cellphone carriers have their stores all over Istanbul, Izmir, and on most international airports, and randomly in other tourist places.

Cellphone Carriers in Turkey

Turkey has three main cellphone carriers: Turkcell (the largest operator), Vodafone (second largest), and Türk Telecom. As per OpenSignal, Turkcell has the best network, followed by Vodafone. All carriers have good network coverage in towns and cities. As you head towards the remote areas all networks suffer.

Best Turkey SIM card Packages for Indian Tourist

NetworkVodafoneTurkcellTurk Telecom
Name of the Product Vodafone Tourist LineLifePlus 6GB PackageOpportunity Packages
Price 69 TL55 TL33 TL
Incoming FreeFreeFree
Outgoing Local 300 minutes100 minutes
1000 minutes Bip to Bip
Outgoing India30 minutes3.40 TL/min4.3 TL/min
SMS local 0.7 TL100 SMS1000 SMS
SMS India0.8 TL1.01 TL1.01 TL
Data10 GB6 GB7 GB
 Validity 90 days30 days30 days
Notable InfoEnter *123# and press YES. To check your initial bonus; enter *123#23# and press YES. Facebook and Twitter 2 GB, 5 GB internet available in Dergilik, 5 GB internet available in Fizy, 5 GB valid in TV +, 3 GB valid in Yaani SearchTo activate Send OPPORTUNITY 7GB to 5555

Buying a Turkey SIM card in India

Though tourist SIM cards in Turkey are easily available, calling and SMS are quite expensive. Choose a more economical alternative to stay in touch with your loved ones back in India with this SIM card. 

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