APN Three

To setup APN Manually – EU Only – Economy SIMs:

APN: three.co.uk; User name: [leave this field blank]; Password: [leave this
field blank]
Set the Access Point Name (APN) in your smartphone to “three.co.uk” without
any username or password.
On Android Phones, tap the Menu button / Settings / Mobile networks / Access
Point Names / New APN / Set APN as “three.co.uk” / OK / Save
On iPhone: Tap Settings / General / Network / Cellular Data Network / APN and
enter “three.co.uk”. Leave “Username” and “Password” blank. Tap
On iPhone6 & above:
a. While connected to WiFi, open Safari and goto: m.apnchanger.org
b. Select Manual
c. Enter ‘three.co.uk’ in APN Name (small letters & no spaces) and click
d. If asked for a PIN enter your iPhone 4 digit unlocking PIN
e. Approve the installation of the unsigned profile.
On some iPhone devices you will need to remove the existing current Profile
(found in Settings-> General -> Profile -> Existing Profile -> Remove) before
installing the New APN.

On Windows Phone: Go to Apps list / Settings / Mobile Network / Add Internet APN
/ Set APN as “three.co.uk” / Save