Thailand Mobile Operators

Operators AIS DTAC TrueMove
Coverage Best Excellent Very Good
Data Speed Very Good Excellent Best
Additional Features4
  • Extensive Wifi network1
  • Free calls between group
  • Great discount vouchers2
  • Free Social media3
  • Good Wifi network1
Local Minutes Included5100100100
India Minutes Included166166+6061666
India Dialing Prefix003000040000600
Local Helpdesk117516781242
Account Balance*121#*101*9##123#
Recommendation Best for remote areas Our overall winner Best for urban travel
  1. Operator provides Username & password
  2. E.g.100 Baht discount on some taxi fares. Discount vouchers change from time to time.
  3. Social media does not consume your data balance. This does not include using social media to make voice/video calls.
  4. We can provide no helpdesk support to use additional features of the SIM Card.
  5. Local Minutes share talktime with International Minutes and SMS. You can use your talktime for any destination or a combination of destinations.
  6. Voice Bonus: We offer 166 minutes to call India till 31 Dec 2019. To use this offer, dial *606*093# on Truemove cards and *104*788# on DTAC when you arrive in Thailand. AIS cards require no code to get this offer. On DTAC you also get 60 free minutes by dialing *399*238# when you land in Thailand.