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Maldives Visa on Arrival Process For Indian Citizens

Maldives Visa

With the tourism industry booming currently, there are some countries which offer visa-on-arrival to the tourists. This helps in eliminating the pre-visa approval hassles and even last-minute plans can be executed with the help of visa-on-arrival policy by the country. Visa approval can be a tedious process, however, there are few countries such as the Maldives who offer visa on arrival. 

If you are planning a trip to the Maldives and are an Indian citizen, then there are few hassle-free steps to undergo for your entry and stay in the country.

A 30-day visa is issued on arrival which is free of cost on the discretion of immigration. There are certain documents required for the issue of this free visa on arrival. The list of documents is dependent on the type of visa selected by the individual.

There are various types of visa application such as business visa, family visa, student visa, work visa and travel visa.  A tourist visa is the most common visa application in the Maldives, as it is one of the top-rated and budget honeymoon destinations for Indian citizens. It is mandatory to possess a return or onward journey ticket.

Tourist visas can be extended up to 90 days, which includes the initial 30 days granted on arrival by the immigration department. All the visas are issued at the immigration desk at the Male International Airport. The visa extension is available for a fee of MRf700 as per visa policies in the Maldives, which is 3045 INR in Indian currency (which is subjected to change according to the daily currency exchange rate). These rules are similar for British, American, Canadian and Australian citizens. However, there is a list of documents which should be carried while going ahead for a Male visa, which has been listed below.

For travel or tourist visa, an Indian citizen requires the following documents:

●    Passport shouldn’t expire for at least 180 days from the date of the travel.

●    Visitors should have air tickets of the Maldives.

●    Visitors should have enough money for the duration of his or her stay in the country.

●    Vsitors should have proof of the stay in the island-country.

●    Two photographs of the applicant are required

●    Proof of accommodation in the country is a must

●    Air tickets to fly out of Maldives

For business visa, the visa should be approved by the Maldives government authority, which means that there is no visa on arrival facility provided for business visas in the Maldives. The list of documents required for the business visa are listed below:

●    Business visa application form filled with all the details filled duly of the applicant.

●    Document stating the registration of the concerned organization.

●    Copy of the bio-data page of the passport.

●    Certificate of qualification from the concerned body which states the purpose of the visit, his or her experience in the field of work and duration, and the place of stay in the Maldiives.

●    Health insurance of the applicant

For family or friend visit visa: A person travelling to visit a friend or family can also apply for the visa. The list of documents required for visa application has been listed below.

●    Passport that doesn’t expire for at least 180 days from the date of travel.

●    Two photographs of the applicant are required.

●    Proof of accommodation in the country.

●    Air tickets to the Maldives.

●    Letter of invitation from the family member or friend in the Maldives.

●    Visitors should’ve enough foreign exchange for the duration of his or her stay

The government has set the visa application guidelines, however, currently, there is no work visa provided to an Indian citizen willing to work in the Maldives. The current statistics have highlighted that the political scenario in the destination country has made it difficult to obtain a work permit in the country. Numerous individuals in India have been waiting for the work permit and change of government rules to work in the island country.

However, Maldives has been receiving high tourist inflow from India and has been rated as the top honeymoon destination for Indians. The island-country has been rated as the budget travel destination for India, where the pre-approval visa hassle can be avoided with the set guidelines by the Maldives government.

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