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Ditch that package tour to Thailand

Most of us who have seldom traveled outside India, are mostly skeptical or overwhelmed of the fact that you are travelling to a foreign land on your Indian salary and don’t want to muddle up an experience trying to figure out things, languages, transport, places to visit, etc. Here is a little experience gained tips from our recent Thailand travel.

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Thailand In 6 Days – A Travel Itinerary

One of the most preferred destinations in south east Asia, Thailand is one of the most addictive places I’ve ever been to. Thanks to its currency rate ( Roughly 1 Baht = 2 Rs) , it’s a great choice for budget travelers who want to explore a foreign destination. Hence wrote this Thailand 6 days itinerary that should be ideal to plan your perfect international vacation.

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Thailand SIM Cards For Travelers To Thailand

Prepaid Thailand SIM cards are easily available for tourists to Thailand both at the airport as well as in town.

General Availability of Thailand SIM cards


DTAC at Airport
DTAC at Airport

At the airport, outside of the International gates, there are kiosks for DTAC (blue colour), AIS (Green colour) and True Move (Red colour). Try to get your SIM card in a branded store of the provider, at airports or in malls or in 7-Eleven kiosks where you pay the original price. Many independent sellers will only sell you the SIM with a surcharge like a tourist SIM of 299 THB for 399 THB.