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How to Get UAE Visa for Indians


The easiest way to apply for UAE visa is online. Many online firms and tour operators offer hassle-free visa application assistance. Download and fill an online application form with your correct detail and submit it along with the above mentioned supporting documents copy.

There are exclusive Dubai Visa centers in various countries that accept the application.
After the document submission an application ID gets generated. You can track the status of the application online (

Processing time & Validity UAE Visa

The general processing time is between 3-5 working days provided all the documents are authenticate and duly filled.

Guidelines for ensuring fast Visa Application Approval

  • It is important to maintain a clean record. No criminal offense cases and no history of bank frauds.
  • The documents should be clearly scanned and the photographs and writing should be clearly visible. Your application form must be neatly filled.
  • If you had been issued a UAE visa earlier and did not use it, make sure you cancel your visa and then apply for a new. If earlier visa is not cancelled, you won’t be granted a new Visa.

Documents required for UAE Visa

For Official Visits/ Seminars/ Exhibitions

  • Scanned copy of first and last page of the passport
  • Confirmed ticket
  • Confirmed Hotel reservation
  • Cover letter of the company
  • Host company’s invitation letter or Host’s resident permit along with the copy of the passport.

For Personal Visits (family or relatives)

  • Traveler’s Passport copy
  • Confirm Ticket
  • Host’s  passport copy
  • Host’s  Resident page
  • Host’s cover letter
  • Relationship proof

For Tourism or Property

  • Passport copy
  • Confirmed Ticket
  • Confirm Hotel booking or
  • Property Tenancy contract and Property papers (in case of property related visit)

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