Unlimited South East Asia SIM Card

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TSIM’s South East Asia SIM card is perfect to cover these countries with a single SIM card.
  • Roam in South East Asia with single SIM!
  • HighSpeed Data as per plan below. Unlimited at 2G speed
  • Validity starts on first use in any covered country
  • 5G in any country that has 5G!
  • Low Cost Data only SIM!
  • eSIM Option available

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Express shipping: Order before 5PM to get this by 11AM tomorrow. (In most cities. Weekdays only.)


  • Data: Unlimited
  • Validity – 10 days
  • Billing: Prepaid
  • Standard+micro and nano size SIM card available to fit all phones.
  • We require a copy of your passport and visa.
  • SIM Card is auto activated on first use in coverage area.
  • Validity start is on first use

Using the SIM Card

Using the SIM Card for the first time
  1. Power off your phone
  2. Insert your new SIM card
  3. Power on your phone
  4. Your phone should connect on a GSM/WCDMA/LTE network.

Please also note, using this SIM card to surf Internet or make calls outside the coverage area will significantly reduce the data and voice usage capacity, or even cause the SIM card to stop functioning.

Activation and Validity

This SIM card is automatically activated on first use in any covered country. Validity start is counted from the exact time of first use, and ends at the same time at the end of the validity period.

What is an eSIM?

eSIM stands for “embedded” SIM which is installed in your phone by scanning a QR code or tapping a notification. If an activation date is required the QR code / Notification is sent after activation, else 24hours after completing your documentation.

eSIM Advantages

  • Easy to use: Set up your plan by scanning a simple QR code or tapping a notification.
  • Save on Shipping cost: No physical delivery requirement
  • Save on time: In a rush to travel? We will send eSIM QR Code via email. Scan it as per instructions and It will be ready to use upon arrival.
  • Keep your original SIM: The eSIM is in addition to your original SIM which will work as usual if you need it.

eSIM Disadvantages

  • Unfamiliar: Since it is a new technology expect to be learning a bit.
  • eSIM Compatible Phones: eSIM will only work in eSIM compatible phones. As a general rule, iPhone 11 and Android model 2021 and higher models are compatible with eSIM.
  • Single Use Only: Most eSIM codes can be used only once. Please do not delete the eSIM created on your phone, since it cannot be recreated on your phone or any other phone. However you can de-activate the eSIM when not needed from your settings.
  • Transfer of eSIM: To transfer an eSIM from one phone to another you must visit the store of the Operator concerned. However some USA eSIMs can be transferred from one iPhone to another.

Activating eSIM on your Device using a QR Code

Most eSIMs are installed using a QR code. The QR code is sent to you by eMail. You need an Internet connection to install an eSIM

iPhone XR, XS and newer
  1. Go to Settings, then Cellular.
  2. Select Add a plan, and the Camera app will open.
  3. Point your camera at the QR activation code until you see a message that says Installing cellular plan.
2021 Android and newer
  1. Go to Settings > Connections > SIM card manager
  2. Tap Add mobile plan
  3. Tap Add using QR code
  4. Scan the QR activation code

Activating eSIM on your Device using an Operator Notification

T-mobile, AT&T and some other operators make it even simpler to install eSIMs. They send a notification directly to your phone. Just tap on the notification and follow the instructions as in images below. The notification is sent to the phone you intend to use on your trip for which you have given us the EID and IMEI number by dialing *#06#.

*#06# for EID and IMEI
Operator Notification
Notification in Settings
Request to Activate
Activating eSIM
eSIM in Settings

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
HighSpeed Data/Calls/Validity

4GB/Data Only/10Days, 6GB/Data Only/10Days, 6GB/Data Only/8Days (eSIM), upto 2GB/120min/30Days, upto 6GB/240min/30Days, upto 12GB/360min/30days, 500MB & 500min / 30 days, 2.5GB & 1000min / 30 days, 5GB & 2000min / 30 days

5 reviews for Unlimited South East Asia SIM Card

  1. Saptasindhu Paul Chowdhury (verified owner)

    Good connectivity in Hong Kong and Japan. Delivery was good as promised. Free travel adapter was also very handy.

    • Services Tsim

      Thank you for your kind review and for detailing the countries in which it worked.

  2. LB (verified owner)

    It was delivered in two days but worked as promised. Smooth connectivity across countries

    • Services Tsim

      Thank you for your kind review.

  3. vinayak kubal (verified owner)

    It was always handy to have TSIm card while travelling abroad. The customer service team is flawless and the service is great, would recommend to get TSim during travel abroad, its affordable and convenient

    • Services Tsim

      Thank you for your kind words and review.

  4. Umesh Pherwani (verified owner)

    I have been using TSIM cards for the last few years. The service is glitch free and a delight. In case of a rare proble, it is resolved immediately on sending a message. I used the south east asia card recently on my trip to Singapore and Malaysia, the whole experience was excellent without a single glitch. I highly recommend TSIfor all.

    • Services Tsim

      Thank you for your kind recommendation and for specifying where it worked.

  5. Pathikrit Bandyopadhyay (verified owner)

    Went to South Korea with two tsim simcards. Worked very well. Only thing I feel you should have 8s automatic APN setting, most simcards do that. In the middle I lost internet connection and that was because the APN got deleted somehow. Also never succeeded in calling one phone from another. Had to use VoIP call.

    • Services Tsim

      Thank you for your kind words. We are trying to have an APN that sets automatically in all these countries. We will continue to search for a solution.

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. Answered by the admin Yes! This 10 day 6GB SIM would work in Japan & South Korea. 5G data connectivity would be available at both these destinations.
  2. Answered by the admin This product has multiple variations available on the page. Coverage of a specific variation is displayed on selecting the variation from the drop down list.
  3. Answered by the admin

    The 8 Day Unlimited SE Asia Data SIM will work in Australia, Malaysia & Singapore

  4. Answered by the admin

    The 30 day SIMs work in the countries mentioned viz Cambodia, Thailand & Vietnam.

  5. Answered by the admin

    Yes! This does work in Japan.

  6. Answered by the admin

    Yes! They will be calling an international number. The charges will be determined by the operator of the calling party.

  7. Answered by the admin Yes! These can be used in Indonesia
  8. Answered by the admin Yes! Calling to USA is possible & is equivalent to calls to India.
  9. Answered by the admin

    The S E Asia card will not work in S. Africa & Mauritius. Please check the following products https://www.tsim.in/product/lifetime-validity-global-sim-card/ OR https://www.tsim.in/product/unlimited-global-sim-card.

    For Data Only SIM, please check https://www.tsim.in/product/3gb-15-day-global-data-sim/ 

  10. Answered by the admin

    No! The SIM is not available at the Chennai airport. You need to order it online & we arrange to deliver the same to you at your specified address.

  11. Answered by the admin Yes...the SIM will work in all the 3 mentioned countries.
  12. Answered by the admin

    Yes the Unlimited South East Asia SIM would work in all the mentioned locations Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan.

  13. Answered by the admin

    You can use the Refundable Lifetime Global SIM (https://www.tsim.in/product/lifetime-validity-global-sim-card/) in Lebanon.

  14. Answered by the admin

    The Unlimited South East Asia SIM would not work in Dubai. You may use the Unlimited Global SIM Card instead. Details available on https://www.tsim.in/product/unlimited-global-sim-card/ 

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