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Best Brazil Prepaid SIM Cards for Indian Visitors

Brazil Prepaid SIM card

Brazil covers nearly half of South America. It’s one of the most developed economies in South America, and yet has decent internet speed. Public Wi-Fi is unreliable.  International roaming packages are pretty expensive, and therefore the straightforward way to reduce your roaming bills is to switch to a local SIM.

Brazil offers some really good deals on the internet. Most of the operators offer free access to WhatsApp. India calling however, is a bit expensive. Without any further ado, let’s explore the options of staying in touch with your loved ones back in India.

Documents Required

You can buy a SIM card by showing your passport. But some sellers also ask for social security number to activate it (CPF). We advise visitors to reach the carrier shop with the passport so that the CPF can be replaced by your passport number.


SIM card are available at many locations, but it’s advisable to purchase from the mobile provider shops, as they activate it without CPF. You can also purchase SIM card from shops, kiosks, supermarkets, pharmacies, as well as from the Rio de Janeiro-Galeão and São Paulo–Guarulhos international airports.

Cell Phone Carriers in Brazil

Brazil has four main telecom providers: Vivo, TIM, Claro and Oi. There are a few regional carriers (which aren’t as useful) operating as MVNOs on Vivo and TIM’s network. Vivo is the largest carrier in Brazil followed by TIM, Claro, and Oi.

MVNOs in Brazil

List of MVNOs in Brazil


  • Porto Seguro Conecta
  • Datora
  • EuTV
  • Correios
  • Veek
  • British Telecom
  • FoneLight
  • America Net


  • Movttel
  • Mais AD
  • Mais ADSA
  • Mais Parceiros de Deus
  • +Smartimão

Best Brazil Prepaid SIM For Indians

Name of the Product Vivo Turbo combo plansTIM Visitor Prepaid SIM cardClaro VisitorsOi Cellphone Prepaid
Price R$ 15R$ 25R$ 60R$ 30
Incoming FreeFreeFreeFree
Outgoing Local Unlimited R$ 0.5/minute 21 minutesUnlimited
Outgoing IndiaR$ 1/minuteR$ 1/minute21 minutesR$ 7.85/minute
SMS local Unlimited to Vivo phones
R$ 0.1 to other carriers
R$ 0.5/SMSUnlimited to Claro numbers
40 SMS to other carriers 
900 SMS
SMS IndiaR$ 0.5/SMSR$ 0.5/SMS40 SMSR$ 0.5/SMS
Data3 GB1.5 GB300 MB4 GB
 Validity 7 days7 days7 days31 days
Notable InfoWhatsApp Unlimited for sending messages, videos and photosDial * 144 to activate your line
Call * 222 # from your TIM, at anytime, to display your balance 
Free access to Facebook and Twitter
552# to register your number. 
Unlimited WhatsApp and Messanger 

Brazil Prepaid SIM Card in India

Though local SIMs in Brazil are easily available, call rates to India are quite high. Avoid high call rates on local SIMs, and save yourself from getting ripped off by local vendors. Buy a Brazil SIM card in India.  

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