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Hong Kong SIM Cards For Travelers To Hong Kong

Buying a Hong Kong SIM card in Hong Kong is easy for travelers, but calling India is not cheap.

Availability of SIM cards and Registration
International SIM Card in Hong Kong
International SIM Card in Hong Kong

SIM cards in Hong Kong don’t need registration and are sold in many stores. It’s recommended to go to stores of the operators or a small independent phone shops where somebody speaks English, so he/she can help you with setting up. Reload vouchers can be found all over the city in places like 7-Eleven, 1010, HKT , Grayline or Circle K convenience stores.

SIM cards are also available at the Airport. There are shops of cellular networks e.g. China mobile is located Terminal 1, Arrivals Meeters & Greeters Hall, Level 5. Furthermore, some retailer shops such as Nobletime AV & Telecom, 1010 and FORTRESS also sell sim cards.
Mobile Carriers

There are following four MNOs in Hong Kong.

  1.  csl
  2. ChinaMobile Hong Kong
  3. Three (3)
  4. SmarTone

There are some MVNOs like China Unicom from the mainland or Lycamobile .

Best packages for travelers from India:
China mobile
Three (3)
Name of product
5-day Pass- Hong Kong Tourist Prepaid SIM
My Friend (Pakistan) 4G/3G Data Prepaid SIM Card
$48 HK Local
Prepaid SIM
Outgoing – Local
Intra-network: $0.04 /min
Inter-network: $0.08 /min
From 11:00-22:59:
$0.12 /min
From: 23:00-10:59
$0.06 / min
Outgoing – India
$0.45 / min  to landline, $5.25 / min to mobile
$ 0.24/min
(6-second per unit basis)
Local airtime charge $0.12/min (per minute basis)
$1.38 Per minute
SMS – Local
Intra-network: $0.1/SMS
Inter-network: $0.7/SMS
Local intra-network SMS       Free
Local inter-network SMS       $0.50/SMS
Intra-network: Free of charge
Inter-network: $0.5 / SMS
SMS – India
180 day
90 Days
180 Days
Hong Kong Dollar
Hong Kong Dollar
Hong Kong Dollar
Other notable features/information
Please top up $88to the SIM card to get above packs.
Please top up 38$ to the SIM card to get above packs. Additional Data pack: 1GB Local Data Package: $68/10 days
Please top up $48 to the SIM card to get above packs.
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Hong Kong Sim in India
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