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Malaysia SIM Cards For Travelers To Malaysia

Malaysia SIM cards are easily available to tourists in Malaysia, right at the airport, but you may have to choose from a confusing array of providers.

General Availability of Malaysia SIM cards

The good news is that prepaid SIM cards are easily available in Malaysia for tourists right at the airport from an array of carriers and MVNOs. All you need is your passport and your local address.

The bad news is that the increasing number of options are confusing travelers. We hope to reduce the confusion via this post.

Brands available and general information

Malaysia has 4 GSM based network operators:

  • Celcom (Xpax)
  • Maxis (Hotlink)
  • DiGi
  • U Mobile

The above operators are added by MVNOs like OneXOX, Tune Talk, XOX Mobile, Friendi mobile and Buzz me.


Coverage 2G 3G 4G (LTE)
Celcom 97% 90% 42%
Maxis 95% 88% 41%
DiGi 95% 87% 50%
Best packages for travelers from India:
Celcom kiosks located in most major shopping centers and airports.
Standard prepaid SIMs can be purchased at Maxis retailers nationwide including airports, major shopping centers and convenience stores such as 7-Eleven.
Starter packs can be bought at their outlets
38 RM
Free wifi and internet just dialing *118#
Other packages:
  • daily: 5 RM, 500 MB
  • weekly: 18 RM, 1 GB
  • monthly: 38 RM, 1.5 GB
 Preloaded 400MB Internet, 5 mins talktime, and Validity for 7 days.
Other packages
Daily 250 mb, 3RM
Weekly 450 MB, 20rm
Monthly 3 GB, 48rm
Preloaded 300MB Internet, 30 min talktime, 30 SMS, 10 MMS and FREE unlimited access to WhatsApp Messenger services.
1 day: 1 RM, 20 MB
1 week: 15rm,800 MB
1 month: 88 RM,7 GB
Outgoing –India
0.08 RM per 30 seconds
0.4 per minute
0.2 RM per sms
0.5 / SMS
36 sen/minute to all network
RM 0.10/50 seconds
RM0.06 /10 seconds
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Required to buy:
Passport number, your name and address in Malaysia.
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Malaysia SIM card in India
Of course if you would rather buy the SIM before travel so that you do not have to go hunting, or are traveling to multiple countries on the region, or would like to know your number before you travel, we have a Malaysia SIM card for you!