Refundable Lifetime Europe SIM Card

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TSIM’s European SIM card covers all of Europe with a single UK number. Incoming calls, Local calls, Calls to India, SMS & 3G/4G Data is included in one flexible package. Outgoing is by direct dial. These lifetime validity permanumber SIMs are perfect for frequent travellers. With upto 20GB Data they are also suited to those that consume more data than voice.
  • 40 European countries in one SIM!
  • Bonus Country: USA
  • Incoming Calls, Local calls, Calls to India, SMS and 3G/4G Data in one package
  • Hotspot/Tethering allowed
  • Outgoing with direct dial – no prefixes!
  • Prepaid with Lifetime Validity.
  • Call Forwarding to your India number when not traveling!
  • Refundable – pay only for what you use!
  • Refillable – Use this link to instantly add credit!

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For data-mostly usage, or for intermittent travel to Europe use our Refundable Lifetime Validity Europe SIM card. It includes incoming calls, local calls, calls to India, SMS, 3G/4G Data in one simple package. Lifetime validity allows you to have the same number each time you travel. Refund scheme lets you pay for just as much as you use
  • Simple package for either calls, SMS or data or a combination of each.
  • Prepaid: No billing shocks!
  • There is no rent or monthly minimum usage.
  • Lifetime validity on talk time, however phone number might change if it is not used.
  • Call forwarding to India mobile or landline when not in use.
  • Unused talk time/credit balance refundable for a year.
  • We require a copy of your passport.

Voice / SMS Slabs

Countries are divided into slabs as below, giving you fixed number of minutes for each slab. Local calls are those within the same slab.

200 minutes/200 SMS when you are in one of:

United States of America, 

100 minutes/100 SMS when you are in one of:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom

Exceptions: In Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Netherlands, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Turkey & Ukraine you  get  50mins of incoming / local calls.

Data Slabs

2GB when you are in one of:

Austria, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom

1GB when you are in one of:

Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Ukraine, United States of America

Using the SIM Card

Using the SIM Card for the first time
  1. Power off your phone
  2. Insert your new SIM card
  3. Power on your phone
  4. Your phone should connect on a GSM/WCDMA/LTE network.

Please also note, using this SIM card to surf Internet or make calls outside coverage will significantly reduce the data and voice usage capacity, or even cause the SIM card to stop functioning.

Receiving calls

People anywhere in the world can dial your UK number directly to reach you, for example, +44774132 12345.

Emergency Call Number.

Please note Europe emergency call number “112” will NOT work in this card.

Making local calls

For the purposes of this card, local calls include calls to any country mentioned under “Coverage”, from any country mentioned under “Coverage”. To make such calls use the full international format. E.g. to call a UK landline number from any country use (for example) +44 207 222 1234.

Making calls to India

Remember to add the country code when making calls to India. Check that the number begins with +91 before dialing. E.g. to call India number 022 24216344, dial +91 22 24216344


TSIM’s customer service agents can be reached via email at or phone +91 22 24216344.

Should you use automatic or manual network selection?

There are two ways of selecting a network. You can either set your handset to use AUTOMATIC Network selection or MANUAL selection. When using automatic selection the handset will look for all networks that it is able to attach to and logs onto the first network it finds. When using manual selection you must manually search through the networks and select a network to attach to. We recommend using automatic network selection. Please refer to your handset manual to check the default settings for your phone.

Setting up call forwarding/divert

To activate call forwarding/call divert, dial *102(phone number in international format)#. You will get a confirmation message on the screen. For eg. *102912224216344#. To deactivate dial *103#

Setting data on your phone

Please ensure Mobile Data & Data Roaming is enabled on your phone. Setup APN (Access Point Name) manually as follows:

Set Access Point Name (APN) in your smartphone to “globaldata” without any username or password

On Android Phones, tap the Menu button  /  Settings / Mobile networks  / Access Point Names / New APN / Set Name & APN as “globaldata” / OK / Save
On iPhone: Tap Settings / General / Network / Cellular Data Network / APN and enter “globaldata”. Leave username & password blank.  Tap Network
On iPhone6 & above:
a. While connected to WiFi, open Safari and goto:
b. Select Manual
c. Enter “globaldata” in APN Name (small letters & no spaces) and click install.
d. If asked for a PIN enter your iPhone 4 digit unlocking PIN
e. Approve the installation of the unsigned profile.
On some iPhone devices you will need to remove the existing current Profile (found in Settings-> General -> Profile -> Existing Profile -> Remove) before installing the Globaldata APN.
On Windows Phone: Go to Apps list / Settings / Mobile Network / Add Internet APN / Set APN as “globaldata” / Save

Checking your Balance

You will periodically get automatic balance messages on your phone. Another way to get balance information is to dial +163 162 10 001 from your phone and disconnect after a few rings. The call will not be answered and you will not be charged for that call. You will later receive an SMS with balance information.

Online Refill

Use this link to instantly add credit to this card.

Refund Policy

You are eligible for a refund on unused talktime/data with usage rounded to the next slab. I.e. If you use 2.8GB after subscribing to a 6GB SIM card, your usage will be taken to be 4GB, and you will get refund on the difference between the price of a 4GB and 6GB card. This refund is available for 12 months after payment.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg

200 Incoming Minutes/200 Local Minutes/200 India Minutes/200 SMS or 2GB Data, 400 Incoming Minutes/400 Local Minutes/400 India Minutes/400 SMS or 4GB Data, 600 Incoming Minutes/600 Local Minutes/600 India Minutes/600 SMS or 6GB Data, 800 Incoming Minutes/800 Local Minutes/800 India Minutes/800 SMS or 8GB Data, 1000 Incoming Minutes/1000 Local Minutes/1000 India Minutes/1000 SMS or 10GB Data, 1200 Incoming Minutes/1200 Local Minutes/1200 India Minutes/1200 SMS or 12GB Data, 1400 Incoming Minutes/1400 Local Minutes/1400 India Minutes/1400 SMS or 14GB Data, 1600 Incoming Minutes/1600 Local Minutes/1600 India Minutes/1600 SMS or 16GB Data, 1800 Incoming Minutes/1800 Local Minutes/1800 India Minutes/1800 SMS or 18GB Data, 2000 Incoming Minutes/2000 Local Minutes/2000 India Minutes/2000 SMS or 20GB Data

New Card or Refill?

New, Refill

87 reviews for Refundable Lifetime Europe SIM Card

  1. Nehal Agarwal (verified owner)

    An excellent product! Works everywhere it says it will. Extremely satisfied.

    • Services Tsim

      Thank you for your kind review

  2. suraj.joshi (verified owner)

    Excellent service

    • Services Tsim

      Thank you for your kind words.

  3. regeamol (verified owner)

    Worked very well in France. Useful for data and calls

    • Services Tsim

      Thank you for your kind review

  4. Indranil Ghosh (verified owner)

    It didn’t worked in Germany but worked in Switzerland.

    • Services Tsim

      We are sorry the SIM card did not work for you initially. We request customers to get in touch with as soon as possible to avoid such situations.

  5. s kundu (verified owner)

    Used this card in Brussels, Amsterdam and Rome. Worked fine

    • Services Tsim

      Thank you for your kind words and for specifying the cities in which it worked.

  6. Gerald DSouza (verified owner)

    I opted for this sim card and the specific configuration as I wanted to make calls (to India) and also use data (for WA an email). Making calls to India was a breeze and I was extremely happy with it. However, I just could not activate the data option on the card and hence could neither use Whats App nor access or send emails during the 15 days I was away.
    The adapter fitted into the wall outlets in all visited countries in Europe, but my mobile charger would not stay firmly in the socket. However, I found a practical solution and was able to keep it charged on a daily basis. Since it was a gift, well ….!

    • Services Tsim

      We are sorry you could not activate the data on this SIM card and we wish you had contacted us about the same. Thank you for your balanced review.

  7. Promod Kumar Pradhan (verified owner)

    Had no problems while roaming Europe.
    Thanks Tsim 🙂

    • Services Tsim

      Thank you for your kind review.

  8. Aditya Ruia

    Dear Sir
    I have brought a new europe travel sim. But I am trying to contact via phone – always engaged no body is answering. Sending e-mails no body is answering. Chat no one is available. There seems be to no way i can reach out to the company, also no response even to emails given 4 days back. I am worried if there is no help in India. How will they assist abroad. Sorry to say.
    Thank you

    • Services Tsim

      The confusion regarding your documents was inexcusable. The email address relating to documents is a incoming only address that does not respond to messages. However, you should have received clearer messages regarding the status of your documents. Based on your feedback we have changed our procedures to ensure this does not repeat. Also, on the day you tried calling we were temporarily short on tele staff due to severe flooding around our office.

      We are glad we could sort out all issues in the end. Trust our product will serve you well in your trips.

  9. Gyanendra (verified owner)

    Excellent. I was skeptical initially. But it turned out a very good decision. Will sure to keep this in every trip here onward.

    PS: However, the free adapter turned out to be a disaster. I could not plug my charger into the adapter at all. So had a lot of problem during the trip.

    • Services Tsim

      Thank you for your kind review and we apologise for the trouble with the adapter.

  10. Yazdi (verified owner)

    Excellent TSIM.
    A hassle free network.

    • Services Tsim

      Thank you for your kind words.

  11. GIRISH (verified owner)

    Good connectivity

    • Services Tsim

      Thank you for your kind words.

  12. Saurav (verified owner)

    This is now a must have in my packing list. Worked perfectly in Amsterdam, Basel and Munich. Ultra-cheap & reliable.

    • Services Tsim

      Thank you for your kind words and for confirming the cities in which it worked.

  13. Mohit (verified owner)

    Worked sporadically. Data was dodgy. Was never able to make WhatsApp call during 9 day tour. Had to buy a local SIM. Would get a roaming pack activated on my indian SIM in future..

    • Services Tsim

      We see you were able to use Data in your first destination, however in the second country you were not able to use Data. This is usually because the APN settings sometimes need to be redone when crossing borders. We apologise for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your review.

  14. Yazdi Buhariwalla (verified owner)

    No words to express. Awesome network of TSIM while travelling and also administrative services from Mumbai Office of Ms. Alisha & Ms. Archana is SUPERB.

    In fact now I have changed my plan from Lifetime Refundable Sim to Lifetime Global Refundable Sim. Hope it works better and more user friendly.
    Keep it up ?

    • Services Tsim

      Thank you for your kind words for our SIM and staff!

  15. GIRISH (verified owner)

    Nice sim card with good connections everywhere.would recommend it

    • Services Tsim

      Thank you for your kind words and recomendation

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. Answered by the admin

    If you would like to retain the same number in your future trips, then the Lifetime Europe SIM is recommended! Else you may opt for one of the SIMs with 30days validity which provide variable amounts of data/mins

  2. Answered by the admin Yes! The SIM would be a triple cut SIM
  3. Answered by the admin

    The Refundable SIMs are pre activated & are ready to use. 

  4. Answered by the admin

    Choice of SIM would depend upon your data & voice requirements. We would suggest you to use the chat option on our website (or call us on 1800 313 5055) to interact with our Agents who would be able to guide you.

  5. Answered by the admin The choice of the plan would vary depending upon individual usage requirements. Please share your contact number for an executive to call & guide. Else you may also visit & click on "Ask Us" to chat with us.
  6. Answered by the admin

    Based on experience, we would recommend you to opt for 800min/8GB plan at the least. This plan will give you 400min/4GB in most of the places mentioned. In case you do not fully utilise the same, you can always ask for Refund of the balance.

    You shall be  eligible for a refund on unused talktime/data with usage rounded to the next slab. I.e. If you use 2.8GB after subscribing to a 8GB SIM card, your usage will be taken to be 4GB, and you will get refund on the difference between the price of a 4GB and 8GB card.

  7. Answered by the admin

    The incoming minutes are included in the Free minutes

  8. Answered by the admin

    The requisite bands in Europe are:

    2G - 900, 1800 and 1900MHz; 

    UMTS - 2100MHz; 

    4G - Depends upon individual country of travel

  9. Answered by the admin

    Yes you can use both voice & data in the 989 plan which allows 1000MB of data OR 100min of local/India Calls. If you use, 1 min for calling, your data allowance will be reduced by 10MB.

  10. Answered by the admin

    Currently you may send an email to or call on the TSIM Toll Free number  1800 313 5055 to know your balance.

  11. Answered by the admin

    Yes...the minutes will remain valid until exhausted.

  12. Answered by the admin

    The SIM is triple cut (standard. micro & nano) & is suitable for use in all GSM phones. Also the same  SIM supports both Voice & Data. The drop down gives the indication of available minutes or data.

  13. Answered by the admin

    This card is designed for use intermittent travels to European countries. Your daughter may use this card for her travels to other European countries. Moreover this card would be useful to her when she initially lands in Italy to keep in touch initially.

    Although she could continue to use the TSIM SIM all through the 4 months, we would recommend she buys a local Italian SIM for use in Italy.


  14. Answered by the admin

    The minutes include local as well as India minutes. These minutes do not have a validity limit.

  15. Answered by the admin

    No..there is no data limit in this SIM

  16. Answered by the admin

    Hello Sir,

    Please Choose the Unlimited Europe sim card for 14 days pack for Voice+Data

  17. Answered by the admin

    The SIMs support both voice & data. 

  18. Answered by the admin

    You may buy the SIM online. The SIM will be couriered / delivered to your address.


    After selecting the product / plan, please use the "Add to Cart -> Checkout" button to continue with your online order. You shall be guided with the details during the process.

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