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Italy SIM Cards For Travelers To Italy

Buying an Italy SIM card is relatively easy for travelers to Italy, and there are packs available that include some free calls to India. After the pack however, you may end up paying high rates to call India. Also, these SIM cards are not useful if you intend to travel to multiple countries

Availability of Italy SIM card
SIM Cards at Fiumicino
SIM Cards at Fiumicino

Italian sim cards are available at Fiumicino Airport, Rome, Italy. It has a Vodafone shop, at Area B, T1 Departures Mezzanine Floor and TIM shop at T1 – Boarding Area B. At branded shops you will pay the original price. You can get them in the shops of the providers where they will be registered as well. Top-ups can be bought at many more places like tobacconists(blue-‘n-white / black-‘n-white “T” signs), supermarkets, newsagents and even bars or coffeeshops