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Best Guided Tours to take in Barcelona

Barcelona is among Europe’s most visited cities, and it’s easy to see why – the historic capital of Catalonia is packed with galleries, museums, attractions and thriving restaurants. Set between the mountains and sea, the city is celebrated for its unique architecture, famous artists and urban beaches.

The 7 best Barcelona guided tours

With so much to do, which are the essential guided tours and things to do in Barcelona? To answer just that, we’ve listed the 7 best guided trips in Barcelona plus insider tips to help you plan better, spend less and get more time in Barca. Let’s begin!

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9 Best Guided Tours to take in Paris

Paris has forever been one of the most loved & celebrated cities in the world. A rich history, legacy of art and culture, elegant boulevards, luxury boutiques, quaint cafes and vibrant street life – there is so much that finds expression in the city of Paris. That said, which attractions in Paris require a tour? This article explores why Paris is best explored with a tour guide and the best guided tours in Paris that you should definitely consider.

Why Paris is best explored with an experienced tour guide?

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Guided Tours to The Louvre Museum for Your Family Vacation

Yes, your Paris trip won’t be complete without visiting The Louvre. But are you unsure about visiting The Louvre with family and kids? We’re here to help you get over the worry. We’ve partnered with top rated guides delivering hundreds of verified guided tours for families visiting The Louvre. Know all there is to know about planning your family trip to The Louvre Museum, Paris.

The Louvre Museum, Paris

The Louvre in Paris is one of the largest and most-visited art museums in the world, with 4,00,000 art works and a permanent collection of about 35,000 on display. The Louvre was first built as a fortress in 1190 and then became the royal French residence in 1546. During this period the Louvre operated as a private art gallery for the wealthy and elite.

Then, provoked by the French Revolution in 1793, it was decided that the Louvre should be opened to everyone and it has operated as a public art gallery ever since. The Louvre today welcomes millions of visitors from around the world, and is one of the most-stroller museums you may ever visit. So there is no reason to skip it when traveling with family and kids.

Why guided tours are ideal for a family visit to The Louvre

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