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TSIM Product Updates May 2019

We are pleased to share information on exciting new SIM Cards for International Travel. Get these & other offers at our website, or by clicking the links & images below.

Double Data for Europe SIM cards:

Perfect for multi-country trips in Europe with Data + Direct Dial calling. They now start at 2GB and have an EU only Economy 2GB low cost Data option. Choose from:

More options & data for USA cards:

As earlier, these cards have unlimited low speed Data after your monthly allowance is used, unlimited local calls and calls to India, unlimited SMS.

  • Many more “High Coverage” options: High coverage options are great for visits to natural parks and remote areas in USA. The Unlimited USA SIM Cards now have many more high coverage options that also cover Canada & Mexico! These cards are now directly from AT&T, rather than from their network partners.
  • New “Daily Pack” Sim Card: Now instead of taking cards for 1, 2 or 3 months, you can specify exact number of days and get unlimited Data & calling! These are great for very short trips or for trips just more than a month.
  • Price reduction & many more options for USA+Canada: Now these cards start at Rs1489 (including GST) and have a range of Data options.
  • Massively more data for all options: Data allowed has massively increased with low cost 2GB, 6GB, 15GB and unlimited options. They support validity of 1, 2 & 3 months.

Cheaper & better Global SIM Card:

These are perfect for traveling to multiple countries around the world, or to countries where local SIM cards are not available. They now have Economy 2 & 12GB options that cover 71 countries with 2 stage dialing to India. The earlier SIM cards that covered 175 countries are also available. Choose from:

New Vietnam SIM Card

Buy our ultracheap Vietnam SIM Card for tourists with virtually unlimited 4G Data, unlimited incoming and calls between these cards.

  • Free Incoming!
  • Unlimited Calls Between Group.
  • 120GB Data! (4GB/day). Hotspot works.
  • No Local Calls or Calls to India Included.
  • WhatsApp works.
  • Know your number before travel!
  • Plan Validity: 30 Days.

Cheaper Country Specific SIM Cards:

Our Single Country SIM cards have many more options and are now cheaper:

Many more Free Gifts!

You are eligible for a free travel accessory when you buy a SIM card from us. We have added more, and also made some available for purchase:

We cant wait till you travel next! Our prices now include GST. Check out our other offers at our website:


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